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Advantages of Electroplated Tools 

v      Due to the fact that the abrasive is exposed above the surface of the tool, the cutting action is aggressive.

v      Because of the high concentration of exposed abrasives, the tools will cut freely and are less likely to load.

v      As they are less likely to load, no dressing operations are required which increases productivity.

v      Use of coolant, though advisable, is not essential.

v      Chip clearance and cutting action can be manipulated by varying exposure level of abrasive.

v      Virtually any profile may be produced, resulting in high versatility of tool design.

v      If used carefully, used tools can be stripped and recoated with fresh layer of abrasive for reuse.

v      Flexibility of abrasive type, and range of grit sizes available.

v      Flexibility of diamond concentration.

v      Low cost.



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