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Diamond Wire Used to Saw off Concrete Blocks 


Our contribution to the stone industry starts at the quarries with our range of electroplated diamond beads for wire saws. The benefits of wire saws include reduction in the amount of material lost in the sawing or drilling of marble which can be quite considerable with older technologies such as pneumatic drilling, and reductions of up to 60% in stone working costs. Comparatively cheaper than the sintered variety of beads, the electroplated wire saw beads are used in applications requiring fast cutting with economy of operation. 

Apart from their obvious use in the quarries for removing blocks of marble and stone, wire saw beads are finding increasing usage in the construction industry. Widely used in reconstructing old buildings, dams, concrete and asphalt roads, highways and airport runways, wire sawing technology is becoming increasingly indispensable due to high efficiency and productivity resulting in repair work being carried out with minimal disturbance and danger. 

Wire saw beads are manufactured using the toughest available saw grade diamonds for aggressive and quick cutting / dimensioning on stone blocks or concrete and asphalt. Available as both, free beads as well as assembled on wire, our diamond wire saw beads are guaranteed to give long life with aggressive cutting action.

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